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Mobile Image Communication Using JPEG2000

ISBN: 3836454114

标签: 程序设计

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Mobile Image Communication Using JPEG2000

René Rosenbaum "Mobile Image Communication Using JPEG2000"
VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller e.K. | 2008-01-16 | ISBN-10: 3836454114 | PDF | 216 pages | 7,5 Mb

This thesis is concerned with image communication considering all stages from the beginning to the very end. In order to appropriately handle large raster imagery, the fundamental goal is to reduce the influence of the most limiting factors in mobile environments. In a clear departure from the traditional strategies, this goal is reached by rigorously combining and extending existing approaches to a single communication system aligned to support a certain pre-defined task. To achieve this, the modern imaging standard JPEG2000 serves as a foundation for image compression and streaming. Founded on the concept of Regions of Interest and Levels of Detail to describe current demands at client side, powerful generic strategies for content streaming are proposed. Special attention is also given to the application areas - image browsing, viewer guidance and content exchange. Beside new ideas to accomplish these tasks on application level, detailed statements on the design of the respective communication strategy are provided. The achieved results show that many resources can be saved by an appropriate mobile image communication using JPEG2000.

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